SAT was founded in the year 1978 . It specializes in a wide range of services to international companies wishing to do business in Libya. Since that time our firm has been providing a variety of accounting , auditing , taxation and financial services to meet the needs of local private and public companies and not- for- profit groups , as well as those from different countries such as USA , UK , GERMANY , SWIZERLAND , FRANCE , ITALY , SOUTH KOREA , MALAYSIA , SYBRUS , HUNGARY , etc.


Our accounting , auditing and tax consulting teams are highly qualified and experienced . They are efficient , friendly and dependable . They understand the needs of our clients and deliver consistently high quality services .

Dr. Abdussalam Sultan , the founder of our firm has been in the accounting , auditing and tax consulting business since 1978 . He obtained his bachelor degree in accounting and business administration from the UNIVERSITY OF LIBYA . Then , he obtained his master of accounting degree from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY USA. After that , Dr. Sultan obtained his Phd. degree In TAXATION from ( SGPIS ) in WARSAW.

Because of his high qualifications and long practical experience , Dr. Sultan has been registered at the PRIMARY COURT as a tax expert to help the court , whenever it is necessary , getting accounting and financial reports which helps the court reach reasonable solutions and solve the disputes raised in front of the court .

In addition of being a certified accountant and tax consultant , Dr. Sultan has been an associate professor at THE ACADEMY OF GRADUATE STUDIES for more than 20 years . He teaches auditing and tax accounting courses for graduate students . Under the supervision of Dr. Sultan , more than 40 graduate students prepared their academic researches in different subjects of accounting , auditing and taxation as part of their academic requirements to obtain a MASTER DEGREE in accounting .

In addition of publishing different titles about auditing and taxation in different Scientific journals i.e, Tax evasion , double taxation , tax returns and tax inspection , Dr. Sultan published a book about " The Income Tax System in Libya " . This book has treated one of the most important and vital subjects i.e . Libyan Income taxes , started with the principles of international tax systems and explaining in a lucid and clear form the various kinds of taxes in Libya and their applications in a manner useful to tax experts , businessmen , university professors , graduate as well as undergraduate students , and all those who are interested in studies and research .

Dr. Sultan has long experience in financial management and business administration . He was , for more than 20 years , the general manager of the AGRICULTURAL BANK OF LIBYA , the main financial establishment for agricultural development in Libya with more than 45 branches all over the country . Before becoming the general manager of the Bank , Dr. Sultan was the internal auditor and then the assistant of the general manager for financial affairs .

To get more experience , Dr. Sultan was appointed at the SECRETARIATE OF PLANNING in the position of agricultural evaluation expert for about four years.

Dr. Sultan is very professional . He has always been responsive , and timely in all requests for information , and has been proven to be very knowledgeable in different areas.

Membership in international and local Professional associations:

Dr. Sultan is a member in the following international and local associations:

  1. Member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) _ Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  2. Member of Chartered Associations of Business Administrators_ Canada.

  3. Fellow of the Arab Society of Certified Accountants, which a member of IFAC

  4. Member of the Libyan Businessmen Council.

  5. Member of The Canadian Association of Financial Consultants.





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