Our professional services:

For almost 30 years , we have based our reputation for honesty, technical merit and genuine concern for our clients and their business . We always maintain our principles of integrity and independence . Based on that , since 1978 we have been providing our clients with the following services :


Business tax needs the expertise and experience of top tax professionals who can help you not only comply with increasingly complicated tax laws and regulations , but also help you minimize the impact of taxes on your profits .Our firm has been serving its clients in this way for about 30 years . We help you to pay fewer taxes without breaking the tax laws and regulations .

Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing . Consequently , companies must keep abreast of developments in LIBYA . Our firm does that for you and communicate that information to you through various means as follows :

1- Providing you during the year with general advice about taxation and other financial matters in line with existing laws and regulations

2– Preparation of of official forms required by the TAX DEPARTMENT whenever it necessary .

3– Preparation of annual tax returns to be signed and submitted by the company the TAX DEPARTMENT .

4– preparation of tax memoes and negotiation with the TAX DEPARTMENT for all tax matters .

5– Representing our clients in front of the compromise tax committees , primary tax committees , and other tax committees concerned with solving disputes between the taxpayer and the TAX DEPARTMENT .

6–Payroll services : We can help you reduce the efforts of the administration through preparing computerized monthly payrolls as requested by the tax law.


Accurate record keeping is essential to a successful business , yet it can be time consuming . Therefore , our services include drawing up and authentiicating of financial statements , and book-keeping in Arabic language as required by the commercial and the income tax laws . The accounting books required by the laws are the official journal , the balance sheet and inventory book . These books have to be authenticated by the TAX DEPARTMENT and the COURT .


Audits offer the highest level of assurance to shareholders and third parties . It includes confirmation of the accounts , balance sheets , profit and loss accounts . Our services include auditing companies ' accounts and certifying balance sheets , profit & loss accounts , annexes of fixed assets , depreciation and other required schedules in accordance with the gennraly accepted auditing standards issued by IFAC and other local and International professional bodies .







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